Tulia Lopes on the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast - How to speak up and lead as a woman in business

Tulia Lopes – The Power of Your Voice as a Woman in Business

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In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast, I speak with Communication Architect, Tulia Lopes. Tulia shares her business journey and how she helps women find their voice, create and share their story and shine on stage and in life.


Tulia is the founder of the Speak Up and Lead Academy, the AWESummit and author of Leading in High Heels – but while today she is a prominent part of the European speaking community, she started her career as an architect. She has also been successful in IT and entrepreneurship before she found her true calling as a speaker and speaker coach while upgrading her own skills in these area more than a decade ago. She is a perfect illustration that where you’ve been does not have to dictate where you go next, and that all your studies, skills and experiences can be blended and adapted to new help you excel in new situations and opportunities (which probably have more similarity to your past roles than you might at first think).


Listen to this episode to discover how you too can find your voice and your true calling in life.


Every obstacle is an opportunity to be creative. - Tulia Lopes Click To Tweet


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In this episode you’ll learn:


  • The process (and impact of) clarity.


  • The importance of knowing how to speak up as a woman, and the danger of not having a voice.


  • Why everything builds from understanding who you are and what drives you.


  • Why HOW you say things changes everything.


  • How being in alignment with yourself helps build your credibility and authority.


  • The importance of knowing your audience before you speak.


  • The biggest Myth about confidence.


  • The difference between speaking on stage and speaking online.


  • How to sell through webinars.


…and much more!


Someone else's opinion of you does not need to be your reality. So ladies, get out there and speak - we need your voice! - Tulia Lopes Click To Tweet


About Tulia

Tulia Lopes is a Communication Architect, founder of Speak Up & Lead Academy and author of Leading in High Heels.

Tulia believes communication is THE key to success.

She helps professional women to increase their confidence by building a solid foundation for their communication, presentation and leadership skills. By exuding a confident presence they become more promotable, more attractive to their market, propel their careers and bring more businesses to their businesses.

Tulia has several years of experience in presentation coaching, motivational and profit speaking, all over Europe. And she is committed to bring more diversity to stages globally.

She invites women to stand up, speak up & lead!


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About Your Host, Melitta Campbell

Melitta Campbell is a Business Coach with a passion for helping women become confident business owners.


Since ’97, Melitta has been helping businesses grow through stronger value propositions, marketing strategies and leadership. Today she uses her knowledge and experience to help women enjoy greater fulfilment, time freedom and profit from their business through her 121 advisory and group coaching experiences.


While her expertise lies in business strategy, communications and marketing, and leadership, having been her own boss for 12 years, Melitta understands that being successful takes a lot more than a perfect plan. You also need the skills, vision and confidence to implement it. Therefore, Melitta’s coaching programs feature a personalised approach that helps clients build confidence and an entrepreneurial mindset, while also building a profitable value-driven business.


Melitta also supports women through her volunteer work as a LeanIn Circle Entrepreneurship Lead, TEDxLausanne Speaker Coach, and through the content on her blog, across her social media communities, in The Power of Why international best-selling book and here on the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast.


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Tulia Lopes on the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast - How to speak up and lead as a woman in business

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