5 Reasons Why Mums Make Awesome Entrepreneurs

5 Reasons Why Mums Make Awesome Entrepreneurs

April 12, 2017

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5 Reasons Why Mums Make Awesome Entrepreneurs

April 12, 2017

5 Reasons Why Mums Make Awesome Entrepreneurs
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Show Notes

If you have ever spent time with a Mum, especially if she is with her young children, you were no doubt impressed with her ability to juggle endless tasks while still tending to the needs of her children.


From my experience as a stay-at-home mumpreneur and a home-business success coach for women, I’ve concluded that these skills make Mums some of the best entrepreneurs!


Even though many women don’t realise it, as they raise their family, they are also developing some badass business skills and honing them on a daily basis. The kind of skills that many entrepreneurs and executives pay a fortune to learn!


Here is my list of the top 5 reasons why Moms make the best entrepreneurs.

5 reasons why Mums make awesome entrepreneurs!

1. They know the value of hard work!

Starting your own business is not easy, especially in the early days!


Making your business successful over the long-term requires commitment and dedication – something mothers have in bucket-loads – I don’t know many Mums who are about to quit on their families, do you?


Women instinctively understand that it takes time, energy and hard-work to have a healthy, happy family – and this is the same mindset you need to succeed as a business owner.


Like having a family, having your own business is never a 9-5 job, but it does give you lots of flexibility. It might not hug you back like your wee ones do, but if you consistently put in the elbow grease it’s incredibly rewarding, often in unexpected ways!

Business success requires commitment & dedication – something Mums have in bucket-loads!

2. They are amazing at customer service

Mums always know exactly what everyone likes and how they like it.


What’s more they don’t expect anything back in return for going the extra mile and making someone deeply happy; they just appreciate a job well done and delight in the smile it brings.


For anyone in business, taking care of customers is essential.


Remember those sandwiches cut out into the shape of each child’s favourite animal? And how every child gets a sippy cup in their favourite colour? Well, it’s those same Tiny Noticeable Things (TNTs) that when done for customers will make you stand out from any High Street or Corporate competition and win the hearts and loyalty of customers.


3. They are negotiation ninjas!

Anyone who can persuade a toddler to do ANYTHING has earned their master negotiator certificate in my opinion!


According to Brain Tracey, the three top skills of persuasive negotiators are: Being able to choose the right questions to ask, having patience and being fully prepared (have you ever seen inside a Mum’s handbag?!).


I rest my case!


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4. They understand that success is a team effort

Every Mum knows that it is impossible to be successful (and remain sane!) by doing everything yourself.


You need to delegate certain tasks to your husband and kids, and you need to build a fantastic support network.


For entrepreneurs need to do exactly the same. Working on your own can be tough, but with delegation, a good support network and lots of like-minded business owners around you, there is nothing you can’t excel at!


5. They are masters at thinking on their feet

As every Mum knows all too well, life rarely goes according to plan!


Just when you have everything nicely planned out, something unexpected happens – the nappy explodes, the rabbit escapes, one shoe goes missing, the kids miss their bus…the list is endless! But Mums are amazingly adept at thinking on their feet, finding a quick solution and instantly rethinking their original plans and tactics, and seamlessly moving forward regardless.


In The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey talks about the importance of using your ‘R and I’, in other words, your resourcefulness and initiative – something that Mums effortlessly put into practice daily!


In short, and in my opinion, women who raise children also have all the skills required to succeed in raising a business too! They care deeply about others, have an incredible work ethic, have naturally developed killer sales and negation skills, value the people around them and can respond to any situation, no matter how bizarre or unexpected!


Having worked with dozens of ‘Mumpreneurs’ over the last three years, I have also seen first-hand how incredibly successful women with children can be in business once they decide that that’s the right path for them.


Listen to the Podcast

Listen to my interview with Alex Congdon on the Expat Business Hero Podcast where I discuss this topic further. You’ll learn more about my own entrepreneurial journey and my top tips too!


> Listen here: Why Women Make Great Entrepreneurs, Expat Business Hero Podcast.

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5 Reasons Why Mums Make Awesome Entrepreneurs


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