Plan Your Business for 2021 - Planisode #3

Plan Your Business for 2021 - Planisode #3

December 23, 2020

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Plan Your Business for 2021 - Planisode #3

December 23, 2020

Plan Your Business for 2021 - Planisode #3

Show Notes

Welcome to the Driven Female Entrepreneur 'Planisodes'

Get your business planned and ready for success in 2021 with this special series of six mini 'Planisode' episodes of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast.Download the accompanying workbook to help you plan your business along with these episodes:[activecampaign form=29]

If you don’t get out of the box you’ve been raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is. - Angelina Jolie"

In this Planisode #3

Yesterday you set some big goals to guide your progress and help you stay motivated and focused. However, if you dare to really dream big for yourself and your future, you might find yourself with a few fears and doubts. So in today's episode I'm going to walk you through a technique called 'Fear Setting', which I first learned about from Tim Ferris in his TED Talk on the subject. In this 'planisode', I'll guide you in addressing potential fears and doubts, so you can flow more freely and confidently towards your goals.Missed previous Planisodes? Watch them here: Planisode 1 and Planisode 2

Coming up in the Planisode Series...

#4: Assess where your business is today vs where you want to be 12-months from now, and start identifying the goals that will take you from A to B. You'll also learn what SMART and DUMB goals are and how to use them to your advantage. Listen now >

#5: Break down your business goals and create quarterly and monthly milestones and action plans to ensure consistent progress without the overwhelm. Listen now >

#6: Set a clear guiding intention for your business success in 2021. In the last episode, you’ll set a clear guiding intention for your business success in 2021. Listen now >

Missed previous Planisodes? Watch them here: Planisode 1 and Planisode 2

If you dare to dream big for you and your business, having some fears and doubts is perfectly natural. But don't let them hold you back from the future you want. - Melitta Campbell"

Download your workbook to help you follow along with these episodes:[activecampaign form=29]

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About Your Host, Melitta Campbell

Melitta Campbell is a Business Coach on a mission to help women become confident business owners.Since '97, Melitta has been helping businesses grow through stronger value propositions, marketing strategies and leadership. Today she uses her knowledge and experience to help women enjoy greater fulfilment, time freedom and profit from their business through her 121 advisory and group coaching experiences.While her expertise lies in business strategy, communications and marketing, and leadership, having been her own boss for 12 years, Melitta understands that being successful takes a lot more than a perfect plan. You also need the skills, vision and confidence to implement it. Therefore, Melitta’s coaching programs feature a personalised approach that helps clients build confidence and an entrepreneurial mindset, while also building a profitable value-driven business. Melitta also supports women through her volunteer work as a LeanIn Circle Entrepreneurship Lead, TEDxLausanne Speaker Coach, and through the content on her blog, across her social media communities, in The Power of Why international best-selling book and the Driven Female Entrepreneur Community.

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Plan Your Business for 2021 - Planisode #3


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