How to Build a Success Mindset

How to Build a Success Mindset

June 30, 2020

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How to Build a Success Mindset

June 30, 2020

How to Build a Success Mindset
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Do you know the real secret to business success?

As a business coach, I am always having conversations with women about their dreams to start a business. I love hearing all of their amazing ideas and many have done an impressive amount of research.

But, when planning what they need to get their business up and running, I’ve found that they often miss the most important element. Themselves.

For career women it can be easy to forget the importance of working on themselves too, yet this is going to be what helps them stand out and maintain the courage to speak out and be visible in the workplace.

I’ve heard it said that ‘Mindset is everything’, and I 100% agree. And the great news is, you can start working on your mindset today, therefore working towards your future success. Here's how you can get started...

Having the right mindset is a key factor in every #FemaleEntrepreneurs success (or otherwise). Here are seven ways you can start building your Success #Mindset today!...

Seven ways to start building your Success Mindset today!

1. Say ‘Fascinating’

When things don’t go according to plan, don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead say ‘Fascinating!’.

Think through what happened and what you can do better or differently next time. Ban words like would have, could have or should have during this process and instead focus on the lessons you will apply next time.

Mastery in anything is all about continual growth and development, so making mistakes and learning from them is an important part of the entrepreneurial journey and building your success mindset. Isn’t that fascinating?!

2. Invest in developing your success mindset

Everyday invest in your self-development by reading books and articles, listening to podcasts and watching videos. The best investment you’ll ever make is in your own development. Asking the people who inspire you what they have read or listened to that has helped them build their own success mindset!

3. Protect yourself from negativity

We live in an incredible world but if we leave ourselves open to negative influences, we can quickly find ourselves with a limited view of what is really possible.

Be mindful of negative influences from the people around you and the news and publications you are exposed to, they can quickly undermine your success mindset, instead, consciously replace these with more positive influences.

Be mindful of the negative influences you are exposed to, they can quickly undermine your mindset. Consciously replace these with more positive influences and see your world quickly change for the better. - Melitta Campbell

4. Create an inspiring vision

Think forward to where you want to be five to 10 years from now. Where will you live? What will you do each day? How will you feel?

Make your vision of the future as exciting and inspiring as possible, and don’t worry about any current resource constraints, let yourself permission to dream as big and vibrant as possible.

Then replay this vision in your mind at least once a day. This will program your mind to believe this reality is possible for you and you’ll soon see yourself looking at challenges and opportunities in new ways.

5. Engage in Gratitude

Over the years, I’ve observed that it’s often the simplest tools and practices that have the biggest positive impact on our success. Gratitude is one of those.

At the end of everyday, note down at least three things that you are grateful for and watch as a world of possibility opens up for you.

This may seem challenging or weird at first, but once you get into the swing of things, you'll start to notice just how many amazing things you already have in your life.

6. Get help to develop your success mindset

No one succeeds in business alone and there are no exceptions to this rule.

It matters greatly who you surround yourself with, as they will influence your mindset and ability to create a mindset that will support you in achieving your goals and dreams.

Create a Success Circle, a group of 2-5 other women who inspire you and encourage you to grow into your best self, and for whom you do the same.

You can also seek out professional help from business coaches, mentors and trainers to help you build your success mindset and maintain this over time; this can be particularly helpful when you aspire to be or do something that others around you haven’t previously achieved.

No one succeeds in business alone - no exceptions. Who you surround yourself with matters. Create a Success Circle, a group of 2-5 others who inspire you and encourage you to grow into your best self. - Melitta Campbell

7. Smile

Last of all, remember to smile. Life is to be enjoyed and a simple smile can do wonders.

It can relieve stress, boost your wellbeing, and make you feel more successful and confident.Best of all it will attract more smiles from those around you, and that can't fail to make you feel happy and successful.

This article was first published on the Women on Business blog.

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How to Build a Success Mindset


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