How to Attract More Clients with your Value Proposition

How to Attract More Clients with your Value Proposition

September 27, 2020

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How to Attract More Clients with your Value Proposition

September 27, 2020

How to Attract More Clients with your Value Proposition

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As a Business Coach, I consistently see one business challenge stand out above all others: having the ability to attract enough clients to earn a predictable income.

For many entrepreneurs, this has been compounded following the Covid19 chaos. But the good news is, there is one strategy I believe can help business owners in all industries to rise above this challenge – having a clear and meaningful Value Proposition (VP).

Looking for a steady stream of dream clients? There is one strategy that can help business owners more than any other – having a clear and meaningful Value Proposition.

What is a Value Proposition?

Your VP describes the benefits a customer can expect from your products and services. While the statement may be quite simple, the process of arriving at your value proposition can take considerable research and reflection.

You’ll know you’ve got your proposition right when you present it and get an: “OMG I need this – tell me more!” response, over the more common: “Oh, that’s nice”.Your VP is just the first stage in attracting your ideal clients, but sets the scene for your entire client relationship, making it a crucial step to get right – yet many business owners stumble at this stage.

Your Value Proposition is the first stage in attracting your ideal clients & sets the scene for your entire client relationship, making it a crucial step to get right.

How to Create or Update Your Value Proposition

Your value proposition has two sides. On one side, you’ll want to explore the value your product or service offers, and in what ways this is different or better than the competition.On the other, you’ll want to understand your customers’ challenges in depth, and how you solve their problem in new or different ways.

Once you know this, look for where these two sides align, and communicate those benefits that are most meaningful to your prospective clients, and that position you away from your competitors.

Avoid this Common Error

When creating their VP many entrepreneurs get excited and share all the benefits their business creates. Don’t fall into this trap. Take time to discover which of your benefits resonates most with your prospects and share just this one. There will be plenty of time to weave your other benefits into your marketing and content, but you want to hook your prospective clients with just one clear value that will get them to lean in and take action.

Also avoid a ‘one value proposition fits all approach’. Most businesses need a different VP for each client segment and/or product in their portfolio. It takes more time, but your ability to attract more of your ideal clients will more than justify the extra effort.

A Quick-Start Value Proposition Framework

While it can take time to get your VP right, here is a simple framework to get you started.I provide (add your product or service) for (add your ideal client) to help them (add in a powerful benefit that you offer), which means they can (add in a result of what you do).

Once you have your value proposition tried, tested and ready to go, share it with your team and partners, and in all your messaging – its power lies in its consistent use.

Once you have your value proposition tried, tested & ready to go, share it with your team, partners & in all your messaging – its power lies in its consistent use.

A Final Tip – Believe It!

When sharing your VP with others, make sure you 100% believe in the results you offer. People will pick up on any doubt, which will undermine your efforts.If you’re not yet there, use gratitude and affirmations based on your value proposition to build your confidence, then enjoy meaningful interactions with your prospects, and watch the sales roll in.

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How to Attract More Clients with your Value Proposition


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