How I Became Known as The Value Whisperer

How I Became Known as The Value Whisperer

June 27, 2023

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How I Became Known as The Value Whisperer

June 27, 2023

How I Became Known as The Value Whisperer
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Show Notes

“That’s it – you’re a Value Whisperer!”


I took a moment to absorb the words my mentor had just spoken.


Hmm, he could be onto something I thought. I certainly resonated withthe words.


Myself, like most of my clients are introverted. Which means I don’t use loud strategies. I prefer to guide business owners in creating a quietly powerful connection with their clients.


And my clients regularly tell me how they now believe in their true value.


It’s why I chose the strap line: Believing in your business. Because I believe in their ability to make their vision a reality and create a business they feel proud of. And pretty soon, they do too!


Value Whisperer. It seems to fit. But it’s so different!

'Business Coach' didn't quite fit

 Leading up to my mentor’s epiphany, I’d struggled with what to call myself for months. Well, years really.


I’d been using the term: Business Coach. But that never seemed to capture the real essence of how I work with my clients.


You see, sometimes I provide business coaching. Helping my clients find the right business model and strategy.


Other times, I focus more on helping with their mindset. Developing the right communication, marketing or sales process. Or helping them balance the demands of their business with everything else going on in their busy lives.


Sometimes I train and teach. While other times I’m more of a consultant.


Other times I’m more of a thinking partner. I listen and collaborate to help shape ideas, goals and plans.

How I show up at any time depends on the kind of guidance a person, situation or challenge requires.


So ‘business coach’ never quiet seemed right. Also, there are many business coaches out there offering wildly different experiences and outcomes to me.

Revealing the 'Value Whisperer'

My mentor asked me to talk him through some client case studies.

I thought back to the journey my 'Blueprinters' had taken. (That's the name my clients following my Dream Clients Blueprint have given themselves.)


I talked about how Kate went from making a loss for two years, to making a profit in just a few weeks. The change came when she realised what she really offered. And understood who her perfect clients really were.


I shared Emma’s story. How she was working hard and felt guilty about not having more time for her kids. And how once she captured her true value into a signature system, and could communicate this through marketing that played to her strengths. She was able to work less, earn more and have a bigger impact.


I recounted how Sarah was able to pay her team but not herself. And how this changed quickly once she identified her true value. And could communicate this through her new sales process. Bringing her not only more clients, but better quality and higher paying clients. Leaving her not only in better financial shape, but more fulfilled too.


I excitedly shared many other similar stories.


What I offered was clear. But I was too close to these stories to see itfor myself.


I helped my clients identify and believe in their true value. Then package this into a signature system and marketing strategy that was naturally differentiated in the marketplace. Because it was unique to who they were and the difference they created for their clients.


Finally, I helped them communicate this with confidence in every interaction – be that while networking or speaking, while having a sales conversation, or thorough their online presence.

Would clients resonate with 'Value Whisperer'?

I spoke to my current clients to see if they would also resonate with the title: The Value Whisperer.

They all agreed. One even shouted out “Yes! That’s it exactly!”


He continued, “You’ve whispered my value in my ear all these weeks, until I was ready to believe it for myself. Now I’m able to whisper it into the ears of my clients. And they are listening and responding. I love it!”


So that is the story of how I became the Value Whisperer.


And a glimpse into how I can help you too.


If you are overwhelmed trying to promote your business. Working too hard for too little traction. Or struggling to show your potential clients the value of choosing you. I’m here to help.

Finding your 'True Value'

I’ve broken down the process of identifying, marketing and selling your true value – while also building your mindset, confidence and self-belief – in my signature programme: The Dream Clients Blueprint.


It starts with a business accelerator to find your perfect clients, revealyour true value, and create your signature system.


Then, over the next 12-months, as you start to promote your value andgrow your business, I’m there for you every step of the way.


You get access to:

* Online training, tools, templates and playbooks.

* Weekly live coaching, advice and feedback with me, and a small groupof like-minded business owners.

* Unlimited 1-2-1 Turbo Calls to answer your pressing questions.

* Mindset tools and hypnosis recordings to help you confidently become the CEO of your dream business.


You can learn more and apply here >

How do you feel about communicating your True Value?
Let me know in the comments.

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How I Became Known as The Value Whisperer

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6 Steps to More Dream Clients

Get the exact steps to building a PROFITABLE and MEANINGFUL business that lasts!

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