How to Plan for Business Success in 2020

How to Plan Your Business for Success in 2020

It’s no surprise that at this time of year we hear a lot about business planning, and setting goals and intentions for the year ahead. But what does it really mean, to set goals? How do you go about turning your vague ideas into crystal-clear intentions? And where do you even start with your business planning?


When it comes to planning what you want to achieve in your business in 2020 – and life in general for that matter – wishes are not enough; you need to take action. No matter where you are in your business, you need a clear plan for taking action to turn your dreams into reality.


When it comes to planning what you want to achieve in your business, wishes are not enough; you need to take action! Click To Tweet


Fail to plan, and you plan to fail

Have you heard that phrase before? I love its simplicity and its truth.


You see, I’ve learned that the formula for success is actually quite simple:

  • have a clearly defined and inspiring goal


  • create a plan for how you will achieve that goal


  • detail and schedule the activities you need to carry out


  • take consistent action to complete those activities.


But so often I see people start with a rough idea of what they want to do but not move any further ahead. They never fully flesh out their goal or take the time to plan and schedule what needs to be done.


Or they create a plan, but instead of getting disciplined about taking the right actions, they file the plan away and nothing ever happens. As a result, they achieve far less than they desire, start to drift and become frustrated and unmotivated. Ultimately, they give up.


Without a clear plan for your business, it's hard to take the focused and consistent action needed to succeed. Taking as little as one hour to plan can mean the difference between success and failure. Click To Tweet


Focus your thinking and define your vision

Goal setting and planning can sound difficult, but it just requires some focused thinking time. That time will be some of the best you ever invest in your business because having a goal is the difference between achieving something meaningful in your business – and, well, not!


A vision will provide you with a sense of purpose and direction for your business. Your vision will help you define your goals, attract your ideal clients and partners, and guide your decisions.


Often, we jump into thinking ‘this is what I can do, so I’ll just do that’. But having your own business means you can use your talents and skills with greater intention. Having a vision will keep you inspired and help attract the people you need to support you in reaching your destination.


Goal setting can sound difficult, but it just requires some focused thinking time. Having a goal is the difference between achieving something meaningful in your business - and, well, not! Click To Tweet


Reflecting before moving towards your destination

Often what’s missing in vision and goal setting is taking the time to reflect on where you’ve come from. Your goals, your business and your personal growth are constantly evolving, so before moving forward, it’s important to assess where you are now, what’s working well and what you’ve learned so far in your business journey.


This is where the real learning comes in: you see your business from a fresh perspective, you can see and review those patterns that are working and those that aren’t and you can make a plan for how you’d like to do things differently.


Planning should also involve looking back and reflecting on what you've already learned and achieved. This can give you powerful insights into what you need to do next. Click To Tweet


Planning to end strong & start strong

It’s time to turn your attention to planning to end the year strong and building momentum so you can start 2020 with intention and set yourself and your business up for your best year yet.


You’ve still got time to work out what’s left to finish before the end of the year, so that you can start 2020 with a fresh perspective. Whatever efforts you put in now will help you end 2019 strong and start 2020 strong.


In the words of Brené Brown, who has spent more than a decade studying vulnerability, courage, authenticity and shame, you need to ‘DIG deep’ when setting your goals and intentions. You need to be Determined, get Inspired and get Going.


I’ve used Brené’s DIG Deep model to help me set clear goals for my business. As a business coach and mentor for female entrepreneurs, I’ve also used this model to add power and context to my 2020 Planning Challenge, a free training that provides you with step-by-step guidance to set your goals, create your plan and build your momentum.


But don’t take it from me – hear from others about how working through the 2020 Planning Challenge has helped them gain clarity around their goals and change their perspective of what’s possible, especially by putting things in writing.


You’ve still got time to end 2019 strong and plan to start 2020 strong. Here's some advice to help you plan you and your business to success next year. Click To Tweet


What others are saying about the Planning Challenge

“This exercise really helped to put down in words [my] frustrations and I could recognise quickly the areas of failure. Failure I provoked certainly unconsciously. But thanks to you, this now will change!”


“Very good questions to ask oneself. At the end of this exercise, I felt prouder, because writing down all your (baby) steps put them under the spotlight.”


“Great content as always Melitta! Thank you for guiding me to a detailed review of this year and have a conscious look into what went well and wrong, as well as allow myself to celebrate my successes even if they were not as big as when I set them up at the beginning of the year.”


“It was very interesting for me to see that that’s actually exactly what I want the company to aspire to and to become without having actually put the words on it yet.”


“I’ve wanted to set goals and do some planning for my business, but I just didn’t know where to start before. Thank you for this challenge, it’s clear guidance has really helped me to put words to what I want to achieve. Seeing it all written out this way, I feel so much more confident that I can achieve a stronger, bolder future for myself and my business.”


Are you up to the Planning Challenge?

There is nothing like the joy and fulfilment of seeing your dreams become real, seeing your business have an impact, and seeing your confidence grow. That's the power of having clear goals and a plan. Click To Tweet


There is nothing like the joy and fulfilment you experience when you see your dreams become real, see your business have an impact, and see your confidence and self-belief grow.


But first you need to set your goals, crystallize your intentions and make a plan. Are you ready?


It’s not too late to join the 2020 Planning Challenge – it’s completely free and will help you prepare for your best year in business yet!


There are 5 modules to complete, plus a pre-exercise based on Brené Brown’s advice to DIG Deep. Each module takes around 20 minutes to complete. So in just one-hour of focus, you could dramatically change your chances of business success in 2020!


This is a rare chance to get free training from Business Coach and Mentor for Female Entrepreneurs, Melitta Campbell – and one not to be missed!


>> Join the FREE 2020 Planning Challenge Here! <<


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