Using your Thought Leader to Change the World

Using your Thought Leader to Change the World

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In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Bryna Haynes, the founder and CEO of WorldChangers Media.


Bryna, like many of our guests on this show, came into her business by chance. She went to hairdressing school and worked at a salon after high school and much as she loved the work, it did not fulfill her intellectually. In her mid-twenties, she decided to fulfill a cherished passion and started writing professionally. 


She began as a freelancer, working in a variety of fields until a book coach saw her work and recommended she try her hand at ghostwriting. She started taking projects for her clients and found herself immersed in the world of inspirational literature, and she was soon functioning as the main editor for a tiny publishing business.


She also created a mindset coaching and events company, which came to a halt once corona hit, and left her in debt. She felt as if the world had smacked her straight back into publication, something she had avoided since she didn’t feel she wasn’t able to use her own voice. 


This is when she decided to go in a direction that would suit her and enable her to guide world-changing people in bringing their ideas to the world in a way that would benefit mankind on a grand scale.

Today, she helps hundreds of thought leaders, teachers, healers, and enlightened entrepreneurs significantly uplevel their expert status through best-selling, impact-driven books as a book strategist, speaker, ghostwriter, and editor.


Don’t miss this episode to discover more about Bryna’s path, as she gives a ton of great tips on how to publish books that will radically change lives today — and still be relevant a decade from now.



Confidence to me is something different, it’s about trusting myself to do my best, not about feeling confident that I had all the answers. - Bryna Haynes Click To Tweet




In this value-packed episode you’ll learn:


  • How our conditioning can affect how we do business


  • The importance of trusting yourself to do your best


  • Why it is critical to work with clients that value you and your work


  • A manageable way to integrate our experiences and learn from them


  • How to bring your own thought leadership into the world


  • Why the ‘imitation integration’ phase is important before becoming a thought leader



Let's all be willing to integrate the fullness of who we are and all of the experiences we've had not judging their relevance but learning from whatever it was that they presented to us. - Bryna Haynes Click To Tweet



About Bryna


Bryna Haynes is the founder and CEO of WorldChangers Media. As a book strategist, speaker, ghostwriter, and editor, she has helped hundreds of thought leaders, teachers, healers, and enlightened entrepreneurs radically uplevel their expert status through best-selling, impact-driven books. Titles she claims in her spare time include: self-reinvention savant, dragon tamer, luxury travel hacker, and connoisseur of kick-ass boots.



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