5 Ways to Grow Your Business this Summer

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We’re taking a Break!

It’s summer here in Europe, so myself and the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast team are taking a short break to help us better balance business, babies and book writing!

But we’re still here for you!


Here are five ways you can continue to grow your business this summer…


The Driven Female Entrepreneur #Podcast maybe taking a short summer break - but we are still here for you. Here are 5 Ways we can help you grow your business this summer... Click To Tweet


1. Listen to the Planisodes

In January, we released a series of short ‘planisodes’ to help you review your business and plan for the months ahead.

Now is the perfect time to revisit these episodes, upgrade your plans and get ready for an amazing second half of the year.

> Access all the Planisodes here


2. Revisit past episodes

Get inspired while relaxing over the summer by tuning into some of the previous 70 episodes. There is so much knowledge and inspiration waiting for you that will help you further grow your business.

Check out all the previous episodes on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play or here.

You can also now watch the interviews on YouTube!



3. Join the Free Marketing Workshops via Facebook

Come and join the Driven Female Entrepreneur Club group on Facebook where you can network with like-minded business owners, get answers and support as you grow your business, and enjoy free marketing workshops over the summer.

> The Driven Female Entrepreneurs Club



4. Read the Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking

If you haven’t already, don’t miss out on this mine of information. It’s a small but powerful read that will help you start building the strong relationships you need to grow you business. You’ll also learn how to communicate your value in ways that are authentic to you and your business. It’s not just a book for shy girls ; )

> A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking



5. Join the Dream Clients Blueprint

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, come and check out my signature group business coaching program, the Dream Clients Blueprint. Over 12-weeks you’ll build a solid foundation for your business, learn how to market and sell your offers with clarity and confidence, master your mindset and grow into the leader of your future!

Prices are going up after the summer, so there has never been a better time to join!

> About Group Business Coaching from Melitta Campbell

> Book a Complementary Business Coaching Session



About Your Host, Melitta Campbell

Since 1997, Melitta has been using her ability to spot gaps between a company’s goals and its strategy and positioning to help businesses become profitable and achieve growth – in as little as three months.

By combining the insights gained from working directly with senior leaders for more than 20 years, her unique blend of art-school and business-school training, and her restless curiosity, Melitta has helped her clients identify new opportunities and develop creative solutions that add value in profitable and purposeful ways, that are straight-forward to implement and result in a clear competitive edge.

After witnessing too many talented and passionate women fall short of their vision to make a profit and a difference, more recently, Melitta has brought her business, leadership and marketing expertise together with her personal experiences, to become a trusted advisor and coach for female-led businesses.

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5 Ways to Build your Business this Summer




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