Start Your Business in 10 Easy Steps

Start Your Business in 10 Easy Steps

October 18, 2019

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Start Your Business in 10 Easy Steps

October 18, 2019

Start Your Business in 10 Easy Steps
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 Are you in the process of starting your business?


Or perhaps you have a business that's up and running, but not yet delivering the results you'd like.


This Fast-Start Guide to starting a business in 10 Easy Steps might give you the guidance you need...

The Fast-Start Guide to Starting a Business in 10 Easy Steps.


The Fast-Start Guide to Starting a Business

1. Have an idea and jump straight in. Snooze you lose!

2. Invest in an impressive looking website.

3. Get business cards and give them to as many people as possible.

4. Create a perfect first product/service.

5. Don’t worry about a plan, you’ve got a rough idea so that’s fine for now.

6. You’ve been working for several years already, so don’t worry about upgrading your skills or hiring a coach – you’re smart, you can figure this out.

7. Send a link to your website to everyone you know – no need to explain what your business is about, or why they should take a look, they will naturally want to support you : )

8. Slash your prices to encourage lots of buyers – everyone loves a bargain.

9. Sell your product/service to everyone – I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy it?!

10. Post at least one pic about your business on social media every day, then sit back and watch the customers roll in!.

Ta da! You're in business!


Stop - Not so Fast!!!

Starting your business this way is sure-fire way to FAIL! Yet sadly I see so many entrepreneurs adopting this approach.


I understand why, often we take note what others have done to look for clues on how we too can succeed. The trouble is, you are often looking at a finished product - you aren't seeing the thousands of steps, the dozens of mistakes, the many many hours of hard work that has gone on behind the scenes that has caused someone to become successful.


Plus, we all know that 'All that glitters ain't gold'. In todays online world, what you see and perceive to be reality, and the actual truth can be very different. Many businesses that look successful are actually failing as they've invested all their profit in making sure you get that impression.


So, how do you avoid these traps?

Well, here's what I believe to be a better way to build and run your business. The great news is that it's also faster, cheaper, more satisfying. Oh, and it actually works!


Many entrepreneurs are on the fast-track to failure, yet think they are doing all the right things. Here's the step-by-step guide to getting things right...

The Better Way to Build Your Business

1. Take time to explore your idea and build a clear Vision

2. Explore your Ideal Client and how can you add value to their lives in meaningful ways that are unique to you and inline with your values.

3. Slow down and engage in conversations with your Ideal Clients to test your ideas, start meaningful relationships and build trust and credibility.


The trick to running a successful business with integrity is to slow down. When you stop and think, and take time to engage with clients, you make better decisions and generate more value.

4. Create a Offer and Client Journey that has integrity, i.e. it is in full alignment with your values and your clients real needs. Then test this within your chosen niche.

5. Develop inspiring goals, backed by clear plans and milestones. Link all your goals to your dreams, the value you want to create and who you are becoming. Without doing this, you'll drift in your business, struggle to get focus, and you'll be unlikely to take the right consistent actions.

6. Upgrade your skills and mindset. What got you here, won't get you there. Hiring a coach or mentor will help you get where you are going faster, and ensure you don't waste your efforts or resources on doing the wrong things. With a coach by your side, you'll achieve your goals faster, while also enjoying personal growth and fulfilment. (HINT: I'm a business coach and mentor - am I right for you and your business? Find out by booking a free Clarity Call).


7. Build your website once you are clear about your market and your offer. If you don't have an eCommerce business, you will save a lot of time and money developing a website after you have already served several clients; only then will you know what you are really selling and what people value most about your business.

Only build your website AFTER you've been working with clients. That way you'll have a better understanding about what they value most in your offer.


8. Set prices that are adapted to your market, offer and brand. Beware of setting low prices and discounts unless you are offering a low quality, high volume product. Don't be frightened to charge high prices if your quality and service warrant it, there are always people for whom your prices are too high.

9. Tailor your product, business model, communications and marketing to your ideal client. Not everyone is a good match for your product or service. Remember success in business is about creating loyal clients and customers over creating sales.

10. Social media is a tool that can be used to help you build your brand, position your products and engage with your ideal audience. Use it to create exceptional value while showcasing your expertise, start conversations and build relationships - the first step in the sales process.


Step-by-Step Guide to Business Success

My Dream Clients Blueprint program has been designed to help you build a business you love, consistently attract and convert your ideal clients, and grow into a confident entrepreneur.


It offers you a step-by-step system that guides you in building your dream business. As well as comprehensive online lessons to follow at your own pace, you also get 6-months of weekly and personalised live business coaching so you can implement your new knowledge with confidence AND monthly live mindset mastery sessions so you can banish those doubts that have been holding you back, for good!


You'll come away with a profitble business you love, and the confidence to market and sell your products with greater ease and joy.


If this program sounds like it could be for you, book a call with me and we'll discuss where you are today versus where you want to be, we'll look at what's standing between you and success, and determine whether or not this is the right program for you.


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Start Your Business in 10 Easy Steps


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