Backyard sales to Global Brand  - Kelley Higney

Backyard sales to Global Brand - Kelley Higney

June 2, 2021

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Backyard sales to Global Brand - Kelley Higney

June 2, 2021

Backyard sales to Global Brand  - Kelley Higney

Show Notes

In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast, I speak with Bug Bite Thing Founder & CEO, Kelley Higney.

Kelley started her business after her family found themselves continually bitten by mosquitoes when they moved to Florida. After searching different treatment options, Kelley found a simple, natural solution that wasn't yet available in the States. When she tried it, and it worked instantly, she worked with the producer to bring the product to America and her new business was formed.

While she started her business from her own backyard, the effectiveness of her product, which she named The Bug Bite Thing, and a feature on Shark Tank meant her company grew rapidly. And is continuing to grow.

Listen to this episode to learn more about how to keep up with the growing needs of your business, how and when to structure your expanding business, and the importance of maintaining time for your own needs too.

When launching something innovative, it's important to not only educate the market, but to address scepticism by proving your product works and giving a guarantee that removes any perceived risks. - Kelley Higney


In this value-packed episode you'll learn:

  • The importance of educating your market when launching an innovative product.
  • How to minimise the risk for new clients.
  • The biggest communication challenge linked to innovation.
  • The one word that will keep you from becoming overwhelmed.
  • The benefit of networking with people in a similar business to you.
  • How the energy around us can impact our daily lives in different ways.

...and so much more!

When you truly own who you are, what you do and what you want to achieve in your life, and share this openly, the support and opportunities comes to you. - Kelley Higney

About Kelley Higney

Kelley Higney is the founder and CEO of Bug Bite Thing, which is dedicated to offering people a chemical-free and eco-friendly solution that alleviates the discomfort, stinging, itching, and swelling caused by bug bites and stings. Bug Bite Thing is Amazon’s #1 selling product for insect bite relief with over 30,000 positive reviews.

Kelley is a member of the Forbes Business Council. In 2020, Kelley was named ‘Female Entrepreneur of the Year for Consumer Products’ by the Stevie Awards for Women in Business and ‘Executive of the Year’ in the Small Business category by the Best in Biz Awards. 

Connect with Kelley

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Melitta also supports women through her work as a TEDxLausanne and TEDx Swansea Speaker Coach, through the content on her blog, her Facebook community the Driven Female Entrepreneur Club, through her communities on Entnest, the home for entrepreneurs, her international best-selling book The Power of Why, her latest book A Shy Girl's Guide to Networking and here on the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast.

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Backyard sales to Global Brand - Kelley Higney
Backyard sales to Global Brand  - Kelley Higney


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