How to Fall in Love with Sales

How to Fall in Love with Sales

February 14, 2023

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How to Fall in Love with Sales

February 14, 2023

How to Fall in Love with Sales

Show Notes

When I was looking to move out of my Communication Consultancy, I explored a few ideas and ended up running a business selling natural skincare and nutrition products.

It happened by accident...

I was already using the products and was getting visible results from them.

When a friend asked what I was doing differently, I shared a couple of stories and my personal experience. She quickly asked if I could order her some of the products too. But then, she shared my stories and insights with her friends. Who also wanted to order the products.

Before I knew it, I had an order for £2,000 worth of products (the average price of the which was £20), and I had a new business!

Clients come from Conversations

I ran that business for a couple of years before moving into business coaching, but even now, 9-years on, I remain convinced that clients come from conversations - not from 'sales calls'.

And as an introvert who hates being pushy, conversations feel more natural and comfortable too. And guess what - when your sales conversations feel enjoyable to you, they feel enjoyable for your future clients too!

Once my business coaching clients learn my conversation-sales method while following my Dream Clients Blueprint programme or working with me 121, they quickly fall in love with sales too. Especially once they understand how to articulate their true value and weave this naturally into the conversation, like Sarah.

Sales conversations become enjoyable once you can articulate your true value and weave this naturally into the discussion and your stories.

Loving Sales start with Articulating your True Value

When Sarah first came to me, she had a problem. She had leads, but her low closure rate and frequent discounting was causing her to dislike sales calls. It also meant that while she was able to pay her two employees, she struggled to pay herself.

On our first call, she realised that her issue wasn't with her clients not understanding her value. It was that she wasn't communicating it! She had expected that when she talked about her skills, experience and services, that the value her clients would receive would be obvious to them. But it wasn't.

I helped her see that she needed to break down her value into bite-size chunks and use simple stories. She could then focus on showing her clients exactly how their businesses and profits would transform after working with her. She embraced this and within weeks, everything changed.

Her conversations became easy and enjoyable, and now her prospects could quickly understand how awesome her offers were, she was able to stop offering discounts. And she was able to pay herself as well as her team.

I'll never forget how nervous she was before her first sales 'conversation', or the message she sent me afterwards:

"That was AMAZING, I loved it! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually looking forward to my next conversation!"

When you can communicate the impact of what you do and have natural conversations that sell through service, you can love sales and enjoy working with more clients who value what you do.

The First Step Towards Natural Sales Conversations

To help you take the first step, and learn how to communicate your value, I've put together a free training for you. It will guide you in how you too can start having conversations that sell without 'selling'.

You can access this free training here.

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How to Fall in Love with Sales

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