Best Sales Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

Best Sales Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

August 3, 2022

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Best Sales Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

August 3, 2022

Best Sales Advice from Female Entrepreneurs
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Show Notes

How do you feel about Sales?

Sales is an essential part of every business. The bottom line is that without clients, you don’t have a business.

Yet, sales and selling can strike fear into the hearts of many business owners!

Even those with a sales or marketing background as many soon discover that selling yourself is very different to selling on behalf of a company.

However, these guests on the Driven Female Entrepreneur / Art of Value Whispering podcast, will give you a fresh perspective on sales.

If you think you are too kind, too shy, too feminine, not pushy enough etc. these guests will show you how to turn these natural traits into your sales superpower! 

Ready to build a solid sales mindset and start selling with greater confidence? Step this way for a powerful course in selling with authenticity and integrity!

#51 Selling with Noble Purpose – Lisa McLeod

“Women tend to think they are no good at sales. They're wrong. The instinctive way they see the underlying issues and care about others, makes them sales rockstars.” - Lisa McLeod

Do you think you’re at a disadvantage because you’re a woman in sales? Lisa McLeod is here to change your mind.

Lisa is a sales consultant known for the way she assists business executives in increasing competitive distinction and emotional involvement. She is also the author of the best-selling book: ‘Selling with Noble Purpose’.

Lisa believes that women have a secret advantage when it comes to business success, and she wants to teach you how to approach sales the right way and develop your process, as well as how to boost your sales confidence so you can assist more of your customers get the outcomes they want.

🎧 Listen to Lisa’s Episode: Selling with Noble Purpose

#161 The Art of Joyful Selling – Michelle Rockwood

“Approach sales conversations with curiosity and feminine energy to uncover the truth and support prospects in identifying their struggles, dreams and needs.” - Michelle Rockwood

If you feel that sales is 'icky' or forces you to become pushy and aggressive, you'll love this episode of the podcast wiht Michelle Rockwood, author of 'Joyful Selling'.

Michelle explains how to embrace your feminine energy in your sales conversations, so you can guide prospects to their truth - helping them to make the right decision for them with confidence.

If you are a heart-centred coach or business owner, listen to this episode to discover a new approach to sales.

🎧 Listen to Michelle’s Episode: The Art of Joyfull Selling

#72 Why Selling = Service – Liz Dederer

“The only thing we ever need to focus on in business is to create a customer, and a customer is someone who pays. Period.” - Liz Dederer

In this insightful episode, Liz Dederer, CEO of Selling With Service, talks about how women can speak their value and claim their worth so that they sell with confidence and feel about to be their greatest selves.

She discusses how she came to enjoy and win at sales and why she believes that women have a natural advantage. She also shared advice on how to charge for the value you provide and how to close sales discussions.

To learn more about how you can overcome your business challenges, particularly around sales and business growth listen to her interview.

🎧  Listen to Liz’s Episode: Why Selling = Service

#147 Replacing Funnels with a Gentle Sales Path – Sarah Santecroce

"It's good to come from empathy. It's good to come from the heart. But when it comes to sales we also need to address the mind." - Sarah Santacroce

If online sales terms like 'squeeze pages' and 'scratch the itch until it bleeds' make you want to avoid sales funnels, Sarah Santecroce has your back!

Author of 'Humane Marketing' and 'Humane Sales', Sarah knows that sales doesn't have to be pushy or aggressive to get real results.

In episode Sarah shares how you can infusing empathy and kindness into your sales process to foster a more authentic connection with your audience.

🎧 Listen to Sarah’s Episode: Replacing Funnels with a Gentle Sales Path

#175 Sales Made Simple (including how to follow up!) – Natalie Carthew

"Clarity is king in sales, and action equals results." - Natalie Carthew

Natalie Carthew is strategic sales follow-up expert and online entrepreneur.

Nat’s unique sales approach enables her clients to approach selling their way, so they can create consistent cash flow in a way that feels right to them, giving them confidence in their sales process.

In this episode, she discusses how the right sales process and automation can create more income and ultimately more freedom in your business.

🎧  Listen to Natalie's Episode: Sales Made Simple (including how to follow up!)

#95 The Right Way to Sell via Social Media – Karen Cureton

“The first step when selling on social media is to optimise your profile, so it does you justice. People will buy into that genuine energy you have when you are authentic, so embrace the real you on social media.” - Karen Cureton

Everyone is on social media now, but are you finding problems using it to boost your sales? No need to look any further; Karen Cureton is the one to ask!

She has vast sales and marketing expertise and is an award-winning sales and social media strategist. She discovered a simple method for cultivating authentic connections on social media sites, which she now shares with her coaching and training clients in order to help them expand their audience and company.

She'll show you how to effectively utilise social media to market your business and develop genuine relationships. Listen to her interview to know how you can successfully navigate the tumultuous world of social media to generate authentic sales and business growth.

🎧  Listen to Karen’s Episode: The Right Way to Sell via Social Media

#181 How to Connect and Sell with Email – Ian Brodie

“You've got to remember the call to action. Because if you get people ready to buy, but you don't ask them to buy, you are essentially setting them up for the next person who emails them, not from yourself.” - Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie is a consultant, trainer, and author of the #1 best selling and highest rated book on email marketing: Email Persuasion.

Embracing emails transformed Ian's approach to business and sales. Since 2007, he has honed his storytelling technique, finding it fun to create and seeing its ability to have a profound impact on audiences, since it favours engaging narratives over overwhelming advice.

In this episode, Ian provides a masterclass in the art of email marketing for building relationships that lead to sales.

🎧  Listen to Ian’s Episode: The Art of Email: How to Connect and Sell with Email

#179 Why Introverts Have the Edge in Sales and Networking – Matthew Pollard

"Introverts have an edge in sales when they use their analytical nature to improve systematically, stepping away from personal rejections." - Matthew Pollard

In his early years, Matthew Pollard battled learning challenges and introversion. However, dedicating himself to finding alternative reading techniques and learning sales set Matthew on a solid path to success.

Matthew is now on a mission to help introverts understand that they are not second-class citizens and that they have amazing sales and networking skills that give them an edge in creating business success.

In this episode, Matthew explains how introverts can embrace their strengths, create a simple, systematised sales process and transform their networking game to confidently attract more clients and opportunities.

🎧  Listen to Matthew’s Episode: Why Introverts Have the Edge in Sales and Networking

#97 The Roadmap to Increased Revenue – Kristin Zhivago

“Selling is not really selling. It's having a conversation with somebody about what they're trying to do and then seeing if you can help.” - Kristin Zhivago

Kristin Zhivago, a revenue coach, the president of Zhivago Partners, a digital marketing management company, and author of 'Roadmap to Revenue'.

She educates businesses how to increase profits by figuring out what their consumers want to purchase and how they want it delivered.

Listen to her interview to hear why it's critical to understand clients' needs and mindsets in order to create sales and maintain business success.

🎧  Listen to Kristin’s Episode: The Roadmap to Increased Revenue

Sales and Value Whispering

Building your authentic sales process is a key aspect of the Value Whispering Blueprint.

Once you understand your True Value, the next step is to weave this through your offers, processes, marketing and sales.

The aim is to create a simple process that creates a valuable and natural feeling experience for your future clients. One that helps your true value shine through while generating real value for your prospect.

This is much easier than you might think once you know your True Value. And, since sales done well is all about service and caring, I believe you already have some kick-ass sales skills to work with, as Sarah discovered.

Sarah's Story: Sharing your True Value Through Your Sales Process

When Sarah first came to me, she had a problem. She had leads, but her low closure rate and frequent discounting was causing her to dislike sales calls.

It also meant that while she was able to pay her two employees, she struggled to pay herself.

On our first call, she realised that her issue wasn't with her clients not understanding her value. It was that she wasn't communicating it!

She had expected that when she talked about her skills, experience and services, that the value her clients would receive would be obvious to them. But it wasn't.

I helped her see that she needed to break down her value into bite-size chunks. She could then focus on showing her clients exactly how their businesses and profits would transform after working with her. She embraced this and within weeks, everything changed.

Once she understood her true value and how to express this, she was able to structure her sales conversations around it.

Her conversations became easy and enjoyable, and now her prospects could quickly understand how awesome her offers were, she was able to stop offering discounts. Within weeks she was able to confidently increase her prices, work with better quality clients and start paying herself as well as her team.

Since most women start their businesses wanting to make a difference, offering discounts isn’t a viable strategy. Only earning a predictable profit will help you stay in business and serve your clients over the long term.

When you can communicate the impact of what you do and sell with service, you can confidently justify your prices and enjoy working with more clients who value what you do. Ultimately building a business that gives you the income and flexibility you desire, and makes a difference over the long-term (and is fun to run!).

If you'd like to explore how the Value Whispering process could be helping you confidently attract more dream clients - in as little as 12-weeks - I'd love to speak with you.

You can learn more about the programme and book your complementary call with me here.

What Works for Your Sales?

Has any of the sales advice in these podcast episodes impacted your ability to sell? What have been your biggest sales challenges? What practices, books or advice has helped you to sell with confidence?

I’d love to know more about you and your sales experiences – share them in the comments below or join the conversation in the free community: The Dream Clients Club.

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Best Sales Advice from Female Entrepreneurs


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