Impactful Pitching

Impactful Pitching

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In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Sofiat Abdulrazaaq, the co-founder and CEO of Goodfynd.


Sofiat worked at the College Board as a product lead, where she was in charge of strategic and technical product management, but even then she knew that she wanted to be a business-owner. 


Then the opportunity came when Sofiat and two of her friends noticed a gap in the market for an app that can locate nearby mobile food options.


When they explored the idea further, they discovered that like them, their clients are made up of people from many cultural backgrounds. They spoke different languages, prepared various authentic meals in their homes, and this had a similar vibe to food trucks. With this, they found a problem that they knew they could solve and a market they were excited to serve.


Now, Sofiat is the co-founder and the CEO of Goodfynd, a payments platform and marketplace that helps you find, and re-find, your favourite food trucks, and helps them grow their customer base. To date, she’s raised over $3 million in venture financing for the company, and it’s only getting bigger.


Don’t miss this episode to discover more about Sofiat’s story and how she successfully infiltrated the industry’s “boys club” and how purpose, values, and vision are important when starting a company.


There's a million ways to be successful in business, but the easiest way that I found is to find an investor who believes in your vision.-Sofiat Abdulrazaaq Click To Tweet




In this value-packed episode you’ll learn:


  • The importance of concentrating on your goals in order to stay on track.


  • Why purpose, values, and vision are so critical when starting a business.


  • How crucial it is to be self-sufficient when doing a start-up.


  • How to successfully build a business with partners.


  • How gaining the necessary traction can assist in obtaining the funding required.


  • A straightforward approach to make an impactful pitch.

…and so much more!


Being myself is the one thing that has saved me through every hard time that I've gone through in this process of building a business.-Sofiat Abdulrazaaq Click To Tweet



About Sofiat


Sofiat Abdulrazaaq is co-founder and CEO of Goodfynd, a payments platform and marketplace that harnesses the power of aggregation to boost the accessibility and discoverability of mobile food businesses. Sofiat brings a decade of experience translating business goals into developed products in her current role. Prior to helping establish Goodfynd, she served as a product lead at The College Board, responsible for strategic and technical product management. 


Sofiat holds a Juris Doctor from American University Washington College of Law, a Masters in Global Affairs from the University of Denver, and Bachelors in both Psychology and Political Science from Virginia Tech.



Connect with Sofiat


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