Launching a Fashion and Tech Brand

Launching a Fashion and Tech Brand

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In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Adina Jacobs, the Co-Founder & Head of Product of STM Brands as well as the Co-Founder of Mentor Walks Australia.


Before launching her own business in 1998, Adina worked as an accessories buyer for a fast fashion brand. While talking to her now co-founder about the challenge of transporting his new laptop safely, they uncovered a vital need for computer accessories that were both useful and fashionable.


Using Adina’s product development knowledge, they learned that there was nothing else out there in the market and decided to create a solution that was comfy, organized, looked great and, most importantly, safeguarded tech items.


Now, the very established STM Goods (Smarter Than Most) has taken the lead in the development of ultra-protective laptop bags, packs, fitted cases, and other accessories while still devoting a lot of effort to understand how people use their devices so that they can create products that will make their lives easier.


Don’t miss out on this episode to discover more about Adina’s journey and how she combined design and functionality to develop items that everybody needs.


We need to provide valuable relationships all around. That allows us to be better business people, to be better customers and to be better clients.-Adina Jacobs Click To Tweet




In this value-packed episode you’ll learn:


  • The importance of understanding market needs when creating a product.


  • The perfect balance between form and function.


  • A practical method for persuading the retail market to try something new.


  • What to consider when developing new products.


  • Why it’s so crucial to establish a positive relationship with your clients and beyond.


  • The significance of trust between your co-founders.


  • How to lead a growing company, around your growing family.



There's a big difference between having a business and being an entrepreneur. With an entrepreneurial mindset you don't really see obstacles, you work around them.-Adina Jacobs Click To Tweet



About Adina


With a background in fast fashion, Adina Jacobs co-founded STM Goods in 1999 when she and fellow co-founder Ethan Nyholm realized there was a dire need for tech accessories that offered both function and style. In the decades since under her keen leadership and eye for consumer-facing solutions, STM Goods has led the industry in the creation of ultra-protective laptop bags, packs, fitted cases and other accessories.


When she isn’t driving product development, Jacobs is leading Mentor Walks, a non-profit organization she co-founded that matches mentees with mentors to foster lifelong professional and personal connections.


Connect with Adina


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