Grow your Business by Doing Less

Grow your Business by Doing Less

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Welcome to the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast. 


Now that the summer’s over and networking events are back in full swing, we are starting to think about how we might move our business ahead. What will happen after that? How do we scale and grow? 


It can be natural to want to accomplish more while we are in this frame of mind by DOING more, but this is a pitfall that many conscientious business owners fall into because in doing more, we end up with LESS time.


So, in this episode I want to encourage you to expand your business, evaluating what is truly effective in your company, and to search for possibilities to do less.



When you critically assess what's happening in your business, you'll be surprised by how many things are no longer working or needed. - Melitta Campbell Click To Tweet





In this value-packed episode you’ll learn:


  • The simple way to conduct a mini-business audit.


  • The importance of identifying the lessons you’ve learned.


  • When and how to start outsourcing.


  • How to start optimising your time to achieve more in less time.



Once you have your simplified list of activities, the final stage is to optimise your time. - Melitta Campbell Click To Tweet



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To build a sustainable, profitable and fun business, you don’t want to work with just any clients. You want to focus on attracting your Dream Clients.


And I believe that your next Dream Client is closer than you realise!


But, I consistently see business owners, especially those with service-based businesses, unwittingly repelling these clients because they miss a couple of small things in their business. 


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About Melitta


Melitta Campbell is an award-winning business coach who is passionate about helping women confidently Build, Grow and Scale a profitable business that allows them to do work that they love, create the balanced lifestyle they desire, and feel proud of the difference they are making.


Her expertise comes from 25+ years of experience in communication, marketing and leadership, including more than a decade of running her own businesses. This allows her to coach her clients on the inner-game of success as much as the practicalities of starting and running a thriving business. 


Melitta is also the best-selling author of A Shy Girl’s guide to Networking, international speaker, and host of the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast. 


In 2021, LinkedIn named Melitta as one of the top Sales Influencers to follow and one of their top 14 most authentic contributors.


At AIs ‘Influential Business Woman Awards’ in 2021 & 2021, Melitta was awarded: Most Influential Female Business Coach (Europe)


And she was recently named as one of the top Female Business Coaches in the World by Cade Hildreth:… 


Originally from the UK, she now supports her global client base from her home in Switzerland, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.


Connect with Melitta


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