Zero Experience to One Million in Sales

Zero Experience to One Million in Sales

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In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Fiona Nicholls, the CEO of Swiss Toniq Geneva.


When she was 16 years old, Fiona dropped out of school and spent most of her life working with horses. She raised her kid by herself and never had a legitimate job, and began from scratch with no prior business experience.


In 2017, she was forced to give up her work after an accident damaged her spine and required at least a year of lying down. However, she made the conscious decision to make the most of this trying period by beginning research on skincare, her second passion.


Now, she works with ladies over 35 to use a special line of high-performance, natural products to treat dry or irritated skin and to help reverse ageing. Fiona has already won four major skincare awards, including Best Swiss Skincare Brand and Best Organic Skincare Brand in Europe, as a consequence of her extensive research into stem cells, ancient botanical plants, and formulation.


Don’t miss this episode to learn more about Fiona’s story and how she built a successful business by creating a unique product with nothing more than her passion and a lot of hard work.



We were programmed to think we have to do all these university studies, do apprenticeship, work in a company, and learn how it works, but there are so many different ways of running a business. -Fiona Nicholls Click To Tweet




In this value-packed episode you’ll learn:


  • Why you don’t need a business education to succeed in business. 


  • The importance of studies and trials.


  • Why it’s crucial to learn what works for yourself before outsourcing.


  • How a solid product that you believe in is central to your success.


  • How mindset coaching and meditation can help you further your growth.


  • How finding a good business coach can save you time and money.


  • Why not knowing the next step can be a good thing.



I think there are not enough women who use mindset coaching, to uncover their potential. It's really incredibly important and very life changing. -Fiona Nicholls Click To Tweet



About Fiona


Born and raised in England, Fiona Nicholls is the founder of Swiss Toniq Geneva, a unique brand of high performance, natural anti-ageing products for women over 40.


The success of Swiss Toniq is the consequence of a horse-riding accident at the beginning of 2017 that left Fiona bedridden for the best part of a year with a broken spine. While the accident destroyed her lifelong equestrian career overnight, it gave her the time to study for a new career following her passion for natural, clean skincare. 


Fionas intensive studies of ancient botanical plants, stem cells and product formulation has already resulted in four major skincare awards including Best Swiss Skincare Brand and Best Organic Skincare Brand (Europe).



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