Finding Purpose, Genius and the Path to Success

Finding Purpose, Genius and the Path to Success

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In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Johdi Woodford, a Restorative Movement Specialist and the founder of Johdi Woodford Therapeutics.



Prior to her success, Johdi held a highly lucrative position at a private bank, which later evolved into a similarly successful consultancy business. However, even at that point, she came to the realisation that this was still not what she wanted.



In 2014, she opened a Pilates studio, which was very successful. However, when COVID came along in March 2020, it became much more challenging for her to maintain the business while also keeping her mental health. So this gave her an excuse to return to her initial purpose and start something new.


Now she works with women over the age of 40, to help them find the source of their pain and cure it so it doesn’t return. Her multimodal method is unlike any other since no one else combines accurate anatomical and physiological corrective exercise expertise with a witch-like capacity to cure, that her clients describe as “magic.”



Don’t miss this episode to discover more about Johdi’s journey, as she shares a wealth of advice on how to uncover the root cause of your pains in life and start fixing them.


I really believe that discipline equals freedom. I find the easiest path to whatever goal I want to get to and then systematise it. It gives me a great sense of comfort. - Johdi Woodford Click To Tweet




In this value-packed episode you’ll learn:


  • How to figure out your zone of genius.


  • Why having lots of support is not always beneficial.


  • The importance of listening to your body and getting rid of your compensation patterns.


  • How to sell something intangible. 


  • The benefits of slowing down and staying still.


  • A manageable way to systematise your path to success.



When your work feels easy, you can feel like a fraud. But it really means you are working in your zone of genius. You're allowed to just relax and be good at something. You don't have to struggle all the time. - Johdi Woodford Click To Tweet



About Johdi


Johdi is a Restorative Movement Specialist who helps people over 40 to finally uncover the root cause of their pain and treat it so that it doesn’t come back again. Johdi’s clients enjoy lasting, unparalleled results because she takes a revolutionary and rebellious route to the otherwise very boring, very ineffective methods that you’ll find elsewhere in the Health & Fitness World. Her multidisciplinary approach is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before, because no-one combines precise anatomical and physiological corrective exercise know-how, with a witch-like ability to heal that her clients describe as ‘magic’.


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