Leadership and The Power of Words with Laura Penn

Leadership and The Power of Words with Laura Penn

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In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with the three-time TedX speaker and the Author and Founder of Leadership Speaking School, Laura Penn.


Laura has always loved performing, teaching and the outdoors. When she started working for the wildlife conservation society, she realised how important it is to get your message across well, and was able to use her performance background to help the society elevate its messaging and have the impact it desired.


When she and her family relocated to Switzerland, she found it hard to adjust and get back into the workforce. When she felt like she hit rock bottom, she went to a Toastmasters meeting, a club that helps people develop their public speaking and leadership skills. That’s when her love of performing and teaching was reawakened. This spark, led her to start her own business. Today, Laura teaches leaders and change-makers how to speak in front of an audience and get their message across in the best way possible. 


Listen to this episode to learn Laura’s best advice on how to deliver impactful messages to an audience effectively by harnessing the power of words.


Words are a little energy parcels. And your job as a speaker is to open the parcel to reveal the meaning of the word. - Laura Penn Click To Tweet


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In this value-packed episode you’ll learn:


  • How saying YES to every opportunity and following your instinct is important in growing your business


  • Why speaking from your heart space is better than speaking from your head space


  • Why self-love is key to delivering an impactful message


  • How taking up space and putting yourself on the centre stage can make you a better entrepreneur


  • What it takes to be an effective leader


…and so much more!


Life is too short to wait. So whatever it is that you've got overflowing in you, what are you waiting for? The right time is now. -Laura Penn Click To Tweet


About Laura Penn


Dr. Laura Penn specialises in transforming leaders and change-makers into speakers who are authentic, accessible, and memorable. She gives them permission to be themselves, to take up space, and to enjoy the experience of speaking, so that they can meaningfully connect with their audiences and bring their messages to life.


A three-time TEDx speaker, featured on the prestigious TED.com platform, author and founder of The Leadership Speaking School, based in Switzerland, Dr. Penn is a passionate advocate for disrupting the status quo for how we speak in front of audiences. 



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6 Steps to More Clients - download your free eBook. Get the exact steps to attract and win more clients.



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