Thriving in the Wine Business

Thriving in the Wine Business

April 7, 2022

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Thriving in the Wine Business

April 7, 2022

Thriving in the Wine Business
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Show Notes

In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with wine expert, Sandra Guibord, CEO and Founder of Sandra's Wine Life.

Much like wine, Sandra's career has spanned several seasons. She began as a model and actress, but she was already passionate about the wine industry. Around the year 2000, she realised she needed to make a change in her acting career. She saw a need for entertainment in corporate America and decided to blend her acting experience with her wine expertise and offer unique client entertainment events.

She later created her own wine education platform to help more people enjoy wine in everyday settings, while simultaneously co-founding a Tech company. She was juggling a lot of balls in the air for a long time until she sold her shares of the firm and was able to completely dive into what's now Sandra's Wine Life.

Now, Sandra uses her knowledge and experience to educate everyone about wine, from casual drinkers to seasoned collectors and has just released her first book: Find Your Wine Identity. She also helps new wine brands in their development.

Don't miss this episode to learn more about Sandra's business experience and the significance of understanding clients' expectations and wants in order to bring their vision to reality.

When you’re in a service oriented business, always remember that and you're there for them. You're there for their vision - to make it come to life.-Sandra Guibord


In this value-packed episode you’ll learn:

  • A practical approach to dealing with self-doubt.
  • Why it’s crucial to research and communicate with clients in order to find gaps or unmet demands.
  • How to pivot your firm to the current market conditions.
  • Why experience is often the best education.
  • The importance of scaling your business.

...and so much more!

It's a scary place to start your own business and step into a market, but if you don't someone else will. So why not you?-Sandra Guibord

About Sandra

SANDRA GUIBORD has spent years as a wine industry expert using her knowledge and experience to educate people about wine, from everyday enthusiasts to collector experts. She conducts wine tastings for global Fortune 500 companies and their senior executives. Prior to Sandra's Wine Life, Sandra co-founded a world-class Technology Leadership event company in North America. She is also a former Wilhelmina model and actress with work spanning the media and entertainment business.

She has been managing lifestyle editor and resident wine expert for Venü magazine. Sandra has been featured in numerous publications, including Forbes, Wine Enthusiast, Food & Wine, and Authority Magazine. She also shares her wine tips and advice on television and streaming media outlets.


Connect with Sandra

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Thriving in the Wine Business


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