Making Your Business Social the Right Way

Making Your Business Social the Right Way

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In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Rachel Allen, the founder of Making Business Social.


Before her success, Rachel always knew she wanted to build something. She wanted something entertaining and creative to get people excited about social media marketing while also allowing her to have flexibility, independence, and growth. This meant she had to try a lot of different things before finding the ideal fit.


When the epidemic hit, she saw an opportunity and founded ‘Making Business Social’, a company that lets businesses outsource their marketing and social media. But she soon realised that as good as her services were, people want to get to know the real face of the business – the founder and team. So she switched focus.

Today, she shows small business owners exactly how to do their own social media, without becoming overwhelmed. Her tools help them take control of their marketing so that they have the strategy and confidence to demonstrate their sector expertise, unlock the full potential that social media offers, and get the best results from their online presence. 


Don’t miss this episode to learn more about Rachel’s journey as she shares a whole heap of terrific social media tips on how to manage the overwhelm that comes with becoming visible online.


The big, expensive problem that so many business owners have is they're not growing their business online because they're dicking around. - Rachel Allen Click To Tweet




In this value-packed episode you’ll learn:


  • Manageable ways to stop wasting time on social media 


  • The importance of having your audience profiled


  • Why asking questions is the best thing you can do on social media


  • How to systemise and organise your content


  • Why you should join a community that will help you succeed



A really good way to cut the social media overwhelm is to systemize and organize your content, making it easy to reuse or repurpose. - Rachel Allen Click To Tweet



About Rachel

Rachel Allen is on a mission to help busy business owners to take control of their marketing so that they’ve got the strategy, tools and confidence to demonstrate their expertise in their sector. Having provided outsourced social media marketing for SMEs since 2016 and realised that it’s not the right way to get the best results for her clients, she’s now using her 20 years marketing experience to help business owners take back control of their social media marketing.


Rachel lives in the city of roundabouts (Milton Keynes) with her 8-year-old son, but dreams of living by the sea. In her spare time, she enjoys a bit of yoga and running the odd marathon.


Connect with Rachel


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