Creating a LinkedIn Lead Machine

Creating a LinkedIn Lead Machine

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In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Ramona Tufaru, Founder and Senior Trainer at LinkedIn Lead Machine.


Prior to her success as an entrepreneur, she worked for a corporate company for seven years, rising from entry-level to an executive position.


She got the chance to engage with several exceptional professionals in her industry; one of whom exposed her to marketing and sales, which she loved. 


She started to study on the side, travelling to Milan, Rome, and Bologna to following courses. Motivated by her desire to grow, she made the bold decision to launch her own business.


Now, she uses technology, digital marketing techniques, and virtual sales strategies to empower businesses and educate entrepreneurs to make them future-proof. Additionally, she educates them how to create a LinkedIn Lead Machine, using a highly personalised and relationship focused approach.


Don’t miss this episode to discover Ramona’s top tips for finding clients and building your business using LinkedIn effectively without going insane.



Business is based on friendship. So when you start to have a conversation, slow it down as much as you can. -Ramona Tufaru Click To Tweet





In this value-packed episode you’ll learn:


  • The importance of having support (peer group, mentor, coach) when starting your business.


  • How to build your network and your relationships with them.


  • The formulas that work when using LinkedIn for your business growth.


  • Why it’s vital to develop your “digital friendships” by using multiple channels.


  • Exactly what to do to optimise your LinkedIn profile.



LinkedIn is a value exchange platform. So you have to create content of value and relevance as well as meaningful relationships based on that value. -Ramona Tufaru Click To Tweet



About Ramona


Ramona Tufaru is the founder of the LinkedIn Lead Machine. Her gift is in the triggered pain of not being seen, loved, and wanted so in her work she sets the stage for professionals like you to be seen, loved, and wanted, and the first stage she sets for you is on LinkedIn.


Her background covers 11+ years of managerial experience and a thorough background in sales, marketing, and business advice.  After being a successful Executive in Marketing and Sales in the Italian and international corporate world, working with global brands like Edilgreen Life, BAT, Stefanel, Benetton, Continental, Google, ICUnet, and many entrepreneurs in Europe and the USA, she discovered that the real distinction in building successful businesses resides in the landscape of marketing and sales and that the biggest innovation really is in marketing and the changing dynamics between marketing and sales.


Her purpose is to empower businesses to become future-proof through digital marketing practices, virtual sales tactics, and technology.



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About Your Host, Melitta Campbell

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Melitta is also a 2x Best-Selling Author, TEDx Speaker Coach, certified Mindset Coach, founder of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Club and host of the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast.


She has won awards for her work including a LTSB Making a Difference Award, listed as one of the top Sales Influencers of 2021 by LinkedIn and the Most Influential Female Business Coach of 2021 & 2022 (Europe) by Acquisition International.


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