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Breast Cancer Awareness Special

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Today we have a very special episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast for Breast Cancer Awareness month.


As this is such an important topic as 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, so this week I invited four guests to join me: 


Sapna Pieroux who was diagnosed BC in August and is currently recovering from surgery.


Judit Csapo who was diagnosed five years ago and has recently pivoted her business and retrained to support more women through their cancer and health journey.


Catherine Schopfer an online cancer coach who has been supporting women with their lifestyle and purpose for the decade following her own cancer journey, and 


Dr. Cecilia Serban a medical doctor who worked with terminal cancer patients and who now focuses on helping women optimise their health and lifestyle. 


We’ll talk about how each of them has experienced the condition in a unique but equally significant way, as well as how they’re each managing it. They will discuss their varied perspectives as patients, survivors, professionals and most of all, as women.


Don’t miss this empowering episode as these four courageous ladies will inspire and motivate you to enjoy greater health, wellbeing and happiness as they show you that this needn’t be a journey of illness, but one of empowerment!



It's time to communicate openly about breast cancer and to stop stigmatising the disease. -Sapna Pieroux Click To Tweet





You will learn so much in this value-packed breast cancer awareness special:


Sapna Pieroux


  • Why publicly sharing her experience was so important for her 


  • Why and how she told her two boys about her diagnosis


  • Why her doctor called breast cancer an Affluent Disease.


  • What guidance, based on her experiences, would she provide others.



Judit Csapo


  • How she managed the roller coaster of emotions in her cancer journey.


  • Why she refers to her experience with cancer as a health journey


  • How her experience had lead her to pivot her business to coach and support other women navigating their own health journeys following a cancer diagnosis.



When going through this health journey, it is important to create a supportive social circle and a non-toxic environment. -Judit Csapo Click To Tweet



Catherine Schopfer


  • Why she calls cancer her friend.


  • What women can do to lower their risk of developing breast cancer.


  • The significant trends she has identified during her ten years of helping other breast cancer survivors that she believes women should be aware of right away.



Dr. Cecilia Serban


  • Her experience supporting breast cancer patients and their families


  • What each physician wants their cancer patients to be aware of.


  • The one questions every woman should ask their doctor after learning they have cancer, but few do.


  • What can women do to assist their own medical care.



When you are happy, when you are yourself, you feel this energy and the cells feel the same way. This is a means of self-defence or prevention. -Catherine Schopfer Click To Tweet



You’ll also hear all four women discussing:


  • Why they firmly believe that you don’t have to stand alone in your journey.


  • Exactly what to do (and not do) to support a friend with breast cancer.


  • How to manage your business around your cancer treatments. 


If you would like to offer your support to breast cancer patients everywhere, and help fund the research that will help more women you can donate via Sapna’s Just Giving page ‘Tits Behaving Bady



Everybody should know that they are not powerless, that they can take action to address the situation. -Dr. Cecilia Serban Click To Tweet



About Sapna


Multi award-winning brand consultant, designer, author and speaker: Sapna Pieroux is the founder of InnerVisions ID, a brand consultancy for ambitious, ethical, purpose-driven businesses.

Her book Let’s Get Visible! was a #1 best-seller (launched January 2020) and won an award for Startup Inspiration at the Business Book Awards. Sapna is also Brand Mentor for Shifts to Success (a global programme helping public sector workers into a life of entrepreneurship), a business mentor at the University of West London and a guest lecturer at Hult International Business School.

She is married to Andy, they have two boys and live in London.



Connect with Sapna


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About Judit


Judit Csapo helps breast cancer patients, under or after their conventional treatment to take their health in their own hands. Her 11 months cancer treatment period was transformative and she’s happy to have learned so much from cancer.

She decided to become an Integrative Health & Wellness coach, because she believes that there is SO MUCH she can do for others to overcome physical, mental, and emotional suffering, to join the dots, and find the real cause.

Her self made curriculum journey of Mind-Body-Medicine, integrative health and wellness coaching, an expansive view of growth and holistic practices helps her to be creative in both structure and intuition when it comes to supporting people who want to change.

She is also a certified Lego Serious Play facilitator, an auditory – visual – kinaesthetic method to help us connect to the deeper inner self through your hand – brain connections in a really fun and mindful way.



Connect with Judit


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About Catherine


She’s a Health Coach, Life Coach & Cancer Coach who is on a mission to empower women across the world to break through the patterns that keep them stuck in an unhealthy life. 

She coaches people through their cancer journey when they have just been diagnosed, after the treatments and even in prevention of this disease which is becoming an epidemic. She uses a holistic approach, taking into account the 5 pillars of health; emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and financial.



Connect with Catherine


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About Cecilia


Dr. Cecilia Serban is a Certified Health and Wellbeing Coach with over 12 years experience working as a Medical Doctor in Anaesthesia and Adult Intensive Care. Cecilia is passionate about promoting a holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing. Cecilia is currently working with female entrepreneurs, supporting them to improve their health so that they can have a successful business.



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