Business, Babies and Sanity

Business, Babies and Sanity

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Hi, Welcome to the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast.


I’m your host, Melitta Campbell, award winning business coach and marketing veteran, and Value Whisperer.


This week as part of our Summer Business Festival we’re looking at how to run a growing business around your family – and stay sane!


It might not feel like it at times, especially when those ankle biters are around 24/7 for the next 7 weeks, but yes, I can promise you it’s possible. 🙂


As with everything there will be good days, bad days and days when you feel overwhelmed and if you are letting everyone down, and just want to go back to bed and forget it all and that’s OK. We may be super women in many respects, but do need to remind ourselves that at the end of the day we are all human and there is only so much we can do. 


One thing I love that has come out of the podcast is that there is no one way to build a business, especially when you are doing so around a family. 


Today, I will share with you some of the things I’ve done to help me run my business over the last 14 years around my growing family, but before I dive in, I wanted to highlight a few of the other episodes you’ll find valuable if you are a parent with ambition:


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Every single day, take some time to do something just for you. Do something that makes you happy and feeds your soul. -Melitta Campbell Click To Tweet


So in today’s episode, I want to share with you 5 things that have made a big difference for me, and that I hope will help you get out there more consistently too, and with more confidence and impact. 


1. Have a plan : priorities and time activities


  • Know what your ONE priority is for the day (max. three), so you can end the day feeling accomplished.


  • Give your activities a time – so if, for e.g.,  you only have 10 minutes, you can fill it productively and still move consciously move your business forward – sticky note wall plan.



2. Set clear boundaries – and stick to them!


  • Time for your business


  • Time for you


  • Time for your kids


  • Time for your other relationships and hobbies


Physical boundaries can help too – the day I got a proper door on my office was a game changer!



3. Be Kindful


  • Never put yourself down, or think bad of yourself.


  • Be aware of your negative self-talk.


  • Be kindful – remind yourself that you are doing the best you can with the resources available to you. 



4. Mindset


Time Line therapy – guilt, anger, sadness, fear, 


If you need help with that, then do reach out – I have a six-week Positive Entrepreneurship mindset programme that I’ve created specifically to tackle the biggest challenges and blocks we encounter as business owners, so you can quickly remove your blocks and limiting beliefs and move forward faster and with greater confidence. 



5. Self-care


  • Put your own oxygen mask on first, it’s always so important


  • If you don’t care for yourself first, you won’t have the energy or time for your business or family




6. Ask for Help


I burned out of my 1st business for two reasons. Firstly, I was no longer doing work that I loved and aligned with my personality, values or goals. Secondly, I was trying to do everything by myself – and none of us can do that for long. I had a cleaner and my kids were at creche two days a week, but that was the extent of it. My husband travelled a lot, so I was left with a LOT to do.


I was watching Lucifer recently and loved the episode where his Mum – for punishment – has to live as a human working Mum. This usually powerful and elegant woman was soon brought to her knees trying to cope – until she figured out how to ask for help and focus on what she was best at and enjoyed most. I don’t necessarily recommend her method of asking, but I thought it nicely highlighted the reality for so many women, and how transformational it can be to get the help we need. 


So don’t go it alone on any level. And surround yourself with others who understand your challenges and path, and can provide moral support and insights too. I created the Dream Clients Club FB group to provide you with just such a group so if you haven’t already, come along and join us there. 




7. Involve your Kids


When they were toddlers, they scribbled marketing plans and tapped away on laptops they had proudly made from cereal boxes. It bought me a few extra minutes to work on admin and they loved feeling part of my world. 


Since then, they have taken all sorts of entrepreneurial and mindset training as I’ve listened to CDs or videos while driving around or doing chores. They’ve helped me price products and create beautiful gift packaging. They’ve helped me design exhibition stands (well, tables) and speak to customers. And now they are starting to give me advice on my social media. Involving them in my business has given them a rich real-life business education and they have loved it. 


Not only that, they have taken these lessons and used them in their own projects. They’ve raised more than £3,000 for the WWF and childhood cancer charities by making their own products, publishing books, creating websites and hosting tables at local fairs. And they are still only 12 and 14!


It’s been so rewarding seeing them create a plan, see it through and feel proud of their results. The best part, they haven’t even questioned if they could do it, they just got on with it – a big lesson for me!


My kids are also my mentors and accountability buddies. They are always interested in how my business is going, what I plan to do next and how they can help. In my ‘wobble moments’ they are there to encourage me to take a breath, break things down, and take a small action in the right direction. They consistently inspire me to keep going and keep growing.


So, as I say, involving kids can be chaotic, but the upsides are tremendous. 


So these are the seven biggest things I’ve done to help me manage a growing business, growing family, and keep my sanity (mostly) intact.


I’d love to know which of these has been most helpful for you – or If there is anything else that you do that helps you keep it all together. 


Drop me a message or better still, come and share your ideas in the Dream Clients Club FB group. 


Check out the group and the show notes to grab an eBook I created where I interviewed women about how they balance their business and babies. I put all their best advice in an ebook, alongside my own advice and bonus tips around productivity. And when you get a copy of the book, I’ll also send you access to a Pocket Mentor app I’ve created to help you stay motivated and inspired every day. 


As always, if you have found this helpful, don’t keep this episode or show to yourself. Be the force for good within your community and share this episode with your business besties and network, and be sure to take a minute to review the show in iTunes or Spotify. 


I’ve been Melitta Campbell, your business coach and value whisperer. 


See you next week!


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