How to Upgrade Your Habits for Greater Success

How to Upgrade Your Habits for Greater Success

December 30, 2019

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How to Upgrade Your Habits for Greater Success

December 30, 2019

How to Upgrade Your Habits for Greater Success
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Your success doesn't lie in your occasional moments of breakthrough or brilliance, but in the small things you do consistently day in, day out. In other words, your habits!


It's important to be mindful of your regular behaviours and actions, and to take responsibility for steadily upgrading your habits bit by bit, so you can perform at your highest levels for longer, more often.


The wonderful thing about all the habits listed in this article, is that they are simple and do not require any special skills, tools or materials. So there is nothing stopping you from starting to integrate one or more of these disciplines straight away!


That said, moderation is key. If you try and adopt all these habits at once, you'll soon find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Instead, pick one habit, and then put it into practice daily until it becomes embedded in your routine. This can take 11-90 days depending on how difficult you find it.


Which habits do you already Have? Which new habits are you going to start in 2020? Let me know in the comments once you've finished the article. I'd love to know!


Your success doesn't come from your breakthroughs or occasional moments of brilliance, but in the small things you do each and every day." - Melitta Campbell

Want more success? Start with these powerful habits...


Habits for your Mindset


This is such a simple habit to start, but it can have a profound impact on your mindset and positivity - two of the most powerful tools in your business.


At the end of each day, take a couple of minutes to write out at least 3 things are you were grateful for. These can be simple things like the smile the bus driver gave you that raised your spirits, or big things like a new contract. They can be things from the past or things you are looking forward to in the future. They can even be bad things that taught you a valuable lesson or lead you to a new opportunity for understanding and growth.


Anything goes - but you must do this consistently.


Success Journal

As the name suggests, a Success Journal is a book (or document) where you list all your successes, big or small. Get in the habit of setting aside 5-10 minutes once a week to write down all your achievements over the last 7-days and reflect on what you've done.


Doing this consistently will help you recognise your abilities, be encouraged by your progress and build your confidence through the knowledge that you can figure things out, and overcome challenges and make things happen.


Keeping a Success Journal can help you build your confidence and productivity by helping you recognise your progress and abilities. It's a powerful habit to start!


Habits for your Skills and Growth

Schedule learning

If you are not learning, you're not growing. And if you are not growing, you are limiting your opportunities to create success.


This habit needn't be difficult to integrate into your days. Just 10-minutes of personal development each day can really add up. You can easily listen to a podcast or audio book while getting ready in the morning, while exercising or even while cooking.


If you were to read 10-pages of a business or personal development book each day, for example, that would add up to around 12 books a year - that's a lot of new tools, ideas and insights!


If you are not learning, you're not growing. And if you are not growing, you are limiting your opportunities to create success.


Success is no longer just a case of who you know, but who knows you.


One of the easiest ways to get known is to network regularly, on- and off-line.


Networking is well known for it's ability to help you meet new potential clients, but it's just as valuable - potentially more so - for getting to know people who can help you along your journey by sharing their lessons and successes, giving you access to new market information, or giving you direct feedback on your challenges or ideas.


Set yourself the challenge of having a conversation with at least one new person a week, building up to one a day - it's a powerful habit to have.


Habits for your Energy and Focus

Drink more water

Staying hydrated is a simple way to keep your energy and focus high. Did you know that if you are even slightly dehydrated it can have a negative impact on your working memory, energy levels and ability to focus?


It's easy to rectify however. Get in the habit of drinking two glasses of water in the morning, keep a bottle or glass or water next to you as you work, use a water reminder app or add an alert on your phone, or make a point of drinking a glass of water before each visit to the bathroom.


Take more breaks

Taking more breaks can sound counterintuitive, but it can have have a positive impact on your energy levels. Set an alarm every 25 or 50 minutes and take a 5-10 minute break. These breaks are perfect for having a stretch, or taking a short walk around the block...which are also great techniques for increasing energy and focus.


Sleep one more hour

Warren Buffet always makes a point of going to bed before he is tired. Going to bed an hour earlier than usual is a simple habit to start that will also help your energy and focus. You can build up to it slowly by setting an alert on your phone to remind you when to hit they hay.


These 3 simple habits can powerfully increase your energy, productivity and focus: drink more water, get more sleep and take more breaks.


How to Adopt New Habits


Trying to start a new habit this year? These 8 tips will help you do so with greater success...


Adopting new habits isn't always easy, however here are some ways you can improve your chances of success:

  • Have a vision: how will your life or business be better, easier or stronger once you have successfully embedded your new habit? Keep this vision in mind daily.


  • Take your time: Only adopt one new habit at a time. It's tempting to get inspired and want to change everything at the same time, but for most people this is overwhelming in practice, leading them to give up and go back to their old ways.


  • Track your success: put a series of 100 boxes on a page, and put a cross in a box each time you successfully complete your new habit. It's highly satisfying and motivating.


  • Schedule your activity: add your new activity into your calendar and, better still, set yourself a reminder or an alert to help nudge you into action.


  • Reward yourself: Promise yourself a reward for good behaviour to help give you added motivation.


  • Penalise yourself: For some people, the idea that they might lose something, instead of gaining a reward, is a more powerful motivator. Perhaps you could promise to give your friend or a partner something if you don't keep up your new habit.


  • Make yourself accountable: Make a public announcement that you are going to start a new habit to keep yourself accountable. Or consider starting your new habit with a friend and work together to keep yourselves on track.


  • Be forgiving: Starting a new habit isn't easy. It requires some form of change and this can be hard to make stick at first. So forgive yourself any slip-ups and get back in the saddle and keep on trying.


What habits have you successfully adopted and what helped you stay on track? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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How to Upgrade Your Habits for Greater Success

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