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Business Coach versus YouTube Mentors

Why Pay for a Business Coach when there is so much are content on YouTube?

“Why Have a Business Coach when there is So Much Great FREE Information and Amazing ‘Virtual Mentors’ on YouTube?”   I was asked this question this morning by a business owner, and I thought it was a fantastic question. It’s true, there is a lot of great people and content offering free advice on YouTube…

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‘Funnel Queen’ Lyndsey Johnson on Finding Your Own Roadmap to Success

Lyndsey Johnson - Funnel Queen - Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast

Listen to the Episode   In this episode In this episode, Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast host, Melitta Campbell, talks to ‘Funnel Queen’ Lyndsey Johnson of Growth Vine.   Lyndsey has had an eventful journey into entrepreneurship that featured bouts of ill health, paralysis, and misplaced trust.  Despite these challenges, she’s built several successful businesses and now helps…

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What is a Business Coach?

What is a Business Coach? Here's the answer business owners and entrepreneurs have been looking for...

Often when we hear the words coach and coaching, we immediately think of sports coaches working with athletes. Their role is to guide and develop their athletes, to train them to excel in their chosen sport.

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The 6 Best Mindset Books for New Female Entrepreneurs

6 Best Mindset Books for Female Entrepreneurs

For any ambitious female entrepreneur, it’s crucial to have the right mindset if you are serious about building the business of your dreams, avoiding overwhelm and doubt, and getting consistent results.   Through personal experience, personal development and coaching more than 200 Female Entrepreneurs, I’ve seen over and over how your mindset can either hold…

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How to Get Over the Fear That You’re Not Good Enough

How to Overcome the fear that you are not good enough

One of the biggest fears that not only holds entrepreneurs back from starting their business, but often haunts them throughout their career, is the fear that they are not good enough. Have you ever felt that way? I know I do regularly…sometimes I feel like my default setting! lol If that’s how you’re feeling right…

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